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Our 2019 Shows

Our 2019 Mainstage Season

(a work in progress)

by Alexander Richardson

January 11-13, 18-20. Comedy. (PG-13)

A failing theatre company puts on one last ditch show in an effort to save itself. Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong, does.

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The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

March 8-10, 15-17. Tragedy. (PG)

The 17th century, America. The Salem Witch Trials.

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Avenue Q

by Robert Lopez

May 10-12, 17-19. Musical. (R)

Princeton moves onto Avenue Q in New York City. There's puppets, beer, and Gary Coleman.

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Something Intangible

by Bruce Graham

July 12-14, 19-21. Drama. (R)

It's Hollywood, 1941. Two very different brothers—one an extravagant visionary, the other a numbers man—run a movie studio famous for its cartoon dog, Petey Pup.

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The Wolves

by Sarah DeLappe

September 13-15, 20-22. Dramedy. (R)

A girl's high school soccer team. The joy and pain of being a teenager. The warm up before the game.

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Prescription: Murder

by Link Levinson

November 8-10, 15-17. Murder Mystery. (PG)

The play that created Columbo.

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Our 2019 Barn Owl Series

Stupid F****** Bird

sort-of adapted by Aaron Posner

February 8-10, Dramedy. (R)

The Seagull, by Anton Chekov. But not. What happens when the past refuses to let go?

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Marie & Rosetta

by George Brant

April 12-14. Musical. (PG)

Sister Marie Rosetta Tharpe is gearing up for the tour that is going to launch her career.

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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

by Alan Ball

June 14-16. Dramedy. (R)

A wedding. Five women hiding out from a wedding.

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She Kills Monsters

by Qui Nguyen

August 9-11. Adventure. (R)

Agne's sister has died. To find out why, and to get closure, she starts playing her sister's Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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4000 Miles

by Amy Herzog

October 11-13. Dramedy. (R)

A young man has just returned home from a cross country biking trip. To hide from tragedy, he becomes roommates with his grandma.

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Our Ticket Prices

Mainstage Productions - 2019

General Admittance - $13

Military - $10

1st Weekend Deals

Seniors (60+) - $10

Students - $10

Members - $7

Curtain Raiser Discount!

Come see our opening night for only $10! All patrons get a discount!

  • Curtain Raisers - 2019
  • January - (a work in progress) - January 11
  • March - The Crucible)- March 8
  • May - Avenue Q - May 10
  • July - Something Intangible - July 12
  • September - The Wolves - September 13
  • November - Prescription: Murder - November 8

Barn Owl Series - 2019

General Admittance - $8

Members / Season Ticket Holders - $5